rug in white apartment

7 bangin’ places to put a persian rug

“paint the walls
and fix the plugs
gonna fill this place with
persian rugs”

finley quaye, spiritualized

in my daydreams my floors are covered with beautiful, artisan creations.

in reality I have two nice rugs, and one of them I have to keep putting away ’cause the cat thinks it’s a toilet.

but I’m not giving up. I’ve used this spray to keep the cat away and it looks like it’s working so far. once I feel confident with it, I’ll be continuing the rug hunt.

there really is no room that doesn’t look better with a persian rug. here are some placements I’m loving right now:

1. in the bathroom

persian rugs in the bathroom

via amber interiors photo by tessa neustadt

2. in the kitchen

rugs in the kitchen

via advicefromatwentysomething (you can holiday here, it’s in nashville)

3. in the bedroom

rug by the bed

via the beachlodge (you can also holiday here)

4. in the living room

cat apartment and persian rugorigin unknown

5. outside

outdoor rugs

via allison mcnamarra click through to check out more of her beautiful outdoor party decor 

6. in the hallway, or sunroom, should one be lucky enough to have one

sunroom persian rugs

via that kind of woman

7. in the nursery

persian rug in the nursery

via 100 layer cakelet top image via eenig wonen

heart eyes.



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