damaged house for sale in sydney

renting in sydney

for the first time in my life I feel an uncertainty around renting. maybe ’cause I quit my job to write a book and earn no money, haha, maybe ’cause I’m getting older. maybe all of the above.

to be a sydneysider, is to know how crazy housing prices are, but when we found out we’d have to move, we started off optimistically hoping that we could find a great house in our existing budget.

we soon found out that the places in our price range that looked great online, did not measure up in person. think great swathes of mould, cracked walls, and just general disrepair. they all had a kind of sharehouse quality that I would’ve loved in my early twenties: then I would’ve seen them as having ‘character’. now I saw them as being ‘health hazardous’.

surry hills fire damaged home

it was a hard decision to go up to the next price bracket and I know most people don’t even have that luxury. it’s pretty crazy that we’re considered to be an ‘executive family’ in real estate lingo, but it’s still more affordable for us to rent than to buy. anyways, as soon as we upped our budget we found two places that we loved. both in newtown, the surburb I’d been longing to move back to, for basically forever.

surry hills fire damaged home

both houses had three bedrooms and two bathrooms (two bathrooms — the holy grail of rentals when you’ve got three kids), our first choice was a renovated terrace full of natural light that opened out onto a pretty courtyard with flowering trees and a giant paperbark.

the night before we found out if we got the house, I was like a child on christmas eve.

* * *

I finished unpacking the last box on the last day of june, a month and a half after we moved in. I think that was the same day that our friends from our old street told us that our old home in bondi junction had been listed for sale.

there’s a part of me that feels like a sucker for staying in inner sydney and paying these prices, but we are not above going with the tide. and I really love our new home, we both do.


p.s the house pictured here is a fire damaged terrace house that sold for 2.11 million in april this year.


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