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what does and does not matter

there’s a lot of noise about paring back, minimalism, simplicity etc. none of this really speaks to me. what does speak to me is the idea of giving myself permission to do simple, pleasurable things.

I’m trying to tell myself not everything I take seriously has to be serious.

when I’m working on my draft, or a short piece of fiction (doing my real writing, is how I think of it) it feels right, but it also feels exhausting. I don’t want to feel that way all the time.

I’ve realised only recently that I have a lot of rules in my head around what kind of person I think I should be. and I feel guilty for the pleasure that simple, beautiful things give me, like it’s too frivolous and superficial.

what am I trying to say? just that I’m trying to make it feel okay for me to do things those things that don’t big-picture matter. that if it makes me happy, that matters too,


photo via avenue lifestyle


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