amazing cactus garden


welcome to somewhere this is home.

about me

I’m a sydney mama, former editor, accidental blogger, and  inside person.

in may 2016 I quit my office job as the digital editor of a national parenting publication to write my first novel.

my eldest son, who will be 20 this year, said that telling people I was quitting to write a book before I’d started it was like announcing you’re having a baby before you’re pregnant. maybe so. and I have not finished the book (ugh). BUT I am a good ways in. so I am pregnant with a book.

so that’s one thing. another thing is that I’m 38, and this year we’re moving from the eastern suburbs where we’ve been for over a decade, back to the inner west.

about the blog

somewhere this is home is a place where I’m gathering my thoughts and finds in my quest for home + self. probably it will involve a lot of rugs and house plants.


bron x

p.s the picture at the top is of my youngest, she’s five. she likes to show me things she thinks I’ll like, like this cactus garden.